ZAMSURECO-I COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures
ZAMSURECO-I puts high premium to health and safety of its employees and Member-Consumer-Owners (MCOs). The Cooperative recently distributed Personal Protective Equipment to employees who are considered to be the frontliners of the electric cooperative and was facilitated by the Institutional Services Department through the Human Resource Division headed by Ms. Danielle Iris Lagura. A total of 139 googles and 92 faceshields were dispatched to frontliners and the distribution of Vitamin C for employees is scheduled within this week. The Cooperative also implements a "No Mask, No Entry" mandatory policy, no entry of consumer or visitor with body temperature of more than the normal range and strict social distancing implementation within the office. On strategic location in each area offices, an automatic alcohol dispenser is available and free-of-use to consumers and personnel. Ensuring the safety of the workplace, a regular sanitation of offices is being conducted. These initiatives will help combat the spread of the virus and ensures safety of our valued MCOs as well as the well-being of our employees. The Management, led by GM/CEO Jose Raul A. Saniel, is focused on delivering high quality and reliable services without compromising the health and safety of the employees and our valued MCOs. Under his leadership, the strict implementation of these policies will be considered the "new normal" of the Cooperative.
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One EC Network Foundation Inc. has donated P100,000 121 ECs
The One EC Network Foundation Inc. has donated P100,000 to each of the 121 Electric Cooperatives in the Philippines for the implementation of its Pantawid Liwanag Program and other corporate social responsibilities of the ECs. We continue to work hand in hand as we go through with the COVID-19 pandemic. We work with a single aim, in the service of our Member-Consumer-Owners and Stakeholders.
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PLP Total Marginalized Consumer with Free Electricity on April 2020
ZAMSURECO-I continues to deliver for its Member-Consumer-Owners during these trying times. With the Pantawid Liwanag Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Cooperative, a total of 58, 326 marginalized lifeline customers enjoyed free electricity for April 2020. We are still at service to you. #stayathome #keepsafe
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Pantawid Liwanag Program
The Pantawid Liwanag Program of ZAMSURECO-I is a corporate social responsibilty aimed to provide lifeline consumers (25kwh consumption and below) of the electric cooperative free electricity service for the month of April 2020 and more than 57, 000 lifeline consumers benefited of the CSR activity. Included also in the said program are Qualified Senior Citizens whose consumption is 100kwh or less.
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Pantawid Liwanang CSR Program FAQ
In reference to our "Pantawid Liwanag Program", a Corporate Social Responsibility Program, ZAMSURECO-I has provided answers to frequently asked questions from our valued Member-Consumer-Owners.
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