GM/CEO JOSE RAUL A. SANIEL AND BOARD OF DIRECTORS' ZAMSURECO-I 48TH ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE The COVID-19 pandemic has persisted, and we are faced with significant challenges as an Organization. Apart from the immediate and grave health impacts, we see a much larger impact in our lives and the Philippine and global economy. Understandably, there is a great sense of fear, anxiety, and uncertainties everywhere. In this context, I would like to address you my fellow Warriors of Light and public servants on behalf of the Board of Directors and myself. Foremost, we would like to express our sincerest thank you for what you have done already to overcome this crisis and to get our Organization prepared to cope with this situation. Your unwavering support and commitment make all the difference. We want to assure you that ZAMSURECO-1, as an organization, we are resilient. In our 48 years of existence, we have experienced, learned valuable lessons, and mastered numerous challenging moments. We are confident that together, we will overcome this crisis with our core values and steadfast determination. As a gentle reminder for us employees of ZAMSURECO-I, we all have an exclusive responsibility as an electricity distribution public utility at this trying time. Electricity is essential to people's lives. In moments like these, our purpose and values matter a lot to our MCOs, stakeholders, and communities we serve. It is in tough times that heroes are born, the true Warriors of Light. In all modesty, we want ZAMSURECO-I's light to brighten our MCOs and stakeholders' lives at this difficult time. This is when we need to exert extra effort, take the extra mile in our commitment and advocacies and strengthen the One EC MCO Movement. Indeed, our efforts and sacrifices will make a considerable difference to ZAMSURECO-I, its MCOs, stakeholders, and our Society. This moment is also when we honor our front liners, support employees, MCOs, and stakeholders for their unwavering dedication, commitment, and support. True to our core values, let us, please strengthen efforts to extend a helping hand to those who are in need more than we do. Many people and businesses will be much harder hit than us, and we will have to deal with graver challenges due to the pandemic. Let us help them get through this trying time by providing efficient, reliable, and affordable electricity services, warmed by care and compassion. We are very proud and inspired by the way ZAMSURECO-I, along with its employees and MCOs, have risen to this challenge — with resilience, courage, and a caring set of core values. The call of the times is to demonstrate grace amidst pressures. Thank you for your valuable contributions, hard work, and dedication. Let us continue to work together as a Family. Let us help one another and look out for one another. Rest assured that the Board of Directors and Management, within their capacity, support employees cope with this pandemic. Congratulations ZAMSURECO-I. Fly High, Aim High! Mabuhay ang ONE EC MCO MOVEMENT! Stay Safe and Healthy.

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