Scheduled Power Interruption (October 03, 2020)

When: OCTOBER 03, 2020 SATURDAYTime: 8:00AM - 12:00NN

Reason/s of Interruption:
1. Accuracy Testting of C3 Mall KwH Meter
2. On-Site Testing of C3 Mall Potential and Current Transformer
3. Preventive Maintenance of Powerlines

Affected areas:
• Portion of Brgy. Santiago including C3 mall, Unicity, Jollibee, Eastwest Bank and Oceanview Hotel

As a safety precaution, please always consider the power lines energized during the power interruption. Power will be immediately restored upon completion of the scheduled works. Please take the necessary preparations and precautions in anticipation of this scheduled power interruption.

Thank you.

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