Scheduled Power Interruption (November 07, 2020)

When: NOVEMBER 07, 2020 SATURDAYTime: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Affected areas:
• Entire Municipality of TABINA

• Brgy. Tongao
• Brgy. Punta Fletcha
• Brgy. Matin-ao
• Brgy. Upper Panikian
• Brgy. Limbayan

Reason/s of Interruption:
1. To conduct (7) rotten pole replacement
2. (7) Cross-arm replacement with conversion of structure
3. Relocation of 2 poles affected by road widening located at Barangays Abong-Abong and Culabay in preparation for the reconductoring of Tabina Three Phase Primary Backbone Line from #0/2 Bare Wire ACSR to #4/0 Bare Wire ACSR.

As a safety precaution, please always consider the power lines energized during this power interruption. Power will be immediately restored upon completion of the scheduled works, which depending on the circumstance, MAY NOT BE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TIME SPECIFIED.

Thank you.

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